SHG Zinc Ingots & Jumbos

We are able to supply LME registered and non-registered Special High Grade Zinc in Ingots or Jumbos form reputable sources in Europe, India, Namibia, Peru, Mexico, Australia, and other countries. Our wide experience in this field is invested to bring to our customers the best Zinc brands at best premiums and terms.

The Special High-grade Zinc of 99.995% purity (minimum) must conform to the chemical composition of one of the following standards:

– BS EN 1179:2003 – 99.995% grade
– ISO 752:2004 – ZN-1 grade
– ASTM B6-12 – LME grade
– GB/T 470-2008 – Zn99.995 grade

Chemical Composition for SHG Zinc (LME Grade)
Element Composition in %
Zinc, min by difference 99.995
Pb 0.003                maximum
Cd 0.003                maximum
Fe 0.002                maximum
Sn 0.001                maximum
Cu 0.001                maximum
Al 0.001                maximum
Total Non-Zinc max 0.005                maximum

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